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End to Hello Baby

Hello Baby has come to an end. :(

The amount of Jongyu in this show was RIDICULOUS lol. It was going to threaten my Ontae stan methinks. I really had no idea how flirtatious Jonghyun was. Like I had an inkling just because of how he behaves with the fans totally giving them eye candy and so on... But in this show, Jonghyun wasn't just doing the skinship thing with Yoogeun to say the least. People definitely reacted and didn't like this side of Jonghyun (Admittedly it was a little spastic and jerk-like at times.), but to me it was downright hilarious. Haha I wonder if he is lonely and really wants a girlfriend or something.

Also to the fans that say oh yeah, in JongKey, Key is the one in control of the relationship? I hardly agree with the amount of times Jonghyun seemed to make Key nervous or embarrassed. And Jonghyun was always making the first move.

I have very little to say about this... Other than I kind of perceived that Taemin wanted to play too, except Jonghyun got in before him. Oh my delusional Ontae stan.

And since this is my journal and all I am just going to say it here, I did not like Yoogeun. /gets shot

There is an explanation though! I agree that he can be incredibly cute, but yeah several times in this episode Yoogeun would whine, demanding that the Shinee members give him stuff they were holding. He seems really disobedient and self-centered. I know he is just a kid but honestly, he doesn't even say sorry.

Well he did make me squeal at times so he can't be all bad but yeah, overall I am not going to join the Yoogeun fangirl squad. Also he should have picked Minho as best appa ALL THE TIME cause that guy actually deserved it. XD

I'll miss this show for all the Shinee interactions though. T__T
But I cannot wait for their comeback. Hopefully I will like it or really, I won't have much more kpop to listen to.
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