IkuiTenshi (ikui) wrote,

Egg Pancake Thing

So Denise wanted me to make a picture post of me making an egg pancake thing, similar to the one that made a lovely Ontae bonding moment. ♥

Here are all the ingredients~

I love looking at egg yolks and no idky. :D

I am not good at scrambling eggs as you can tell...

Also excessive amounts of oil...

And then pouring while trying not to shake the camera in my left hand. ;___;

At this point I am panicking because it is cooking faster than expected.

And omg ghetto rolling of fast cooking egg pancake thing with one hand... I need one of those tamago pans seriously. :'(

I gave up holding my camera until this shot cause the egg was turning too brown orz.

And then I had a very strange meal for lunch... idek.

Oh that wasn't very exciting. :'( I really need to put this journal to better use.

Tags: i am a chef! or not, nomnoms
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